And donate gift cards



We use donated gift cards to support our clients throughout the year. It’s amazing what a gift card can do: Groceries for a senior who is hungry, medication for a senior who can’t afford it, or winter boots for a senior who needs them. Their relief and gratitude is immense. 

  • A $25 drug store card can help a senior who can’t afford anything beyond food and rent to buy essential toiletries or medications 

  • A $50 grocery store card can help a senior who has bare cupboards, dietary restrictions and transportation limitations so can’t access the Food Bank

  • A $100 retail store card can help a senior who doesn’t have appropriate winter clothing and can’t afford to purchase 

Donating gift cards is a simple and effective way to positively contribute to the life of a senior. It might not seem like much, but for our seniors, a gift card can seem like a miracle for those who are trying to decide between food and medication, or clothing and utilities.


Preferred gift cards include: Co-Op, Sobeys, Safeway, Superstore, Walmart, Shoppers, London Drugs, and VISA/MC,

or call Joanne at (403) 807-2119 for more details.

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